Transcend Travel Multi-Night CPAP Battery


SKU: 503023

This is the lightweight 8-cell battery for the:

  • Transcend 3 Auto CPAP Machine
  • Transcend 'Soft & Wearable' Travel CPAP Machine
  • Transcend Travel CPAP Machine
  • Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP Machine
  • Transcend Auto Travel CPAP Machine with EZEX

 The shipping weight of the battery is only 1.5 lbs (1lb 8oz).

The battery can be placed close by while sleeping or use the OPTIONAL Battery Pouch along with the Arm Band or Chest Band to secure the battery.

The manufacturer tested a fully charged battery at a pressure of 14 and estimates the battery can run 14 to 16 hours. Factors such as pressure setting, altitude, temperature and breathing habits will affect the actual run time of the battery.

The battery is charged using the Transcend Travel machine's power supply. The power supply is plugged into a wall outlet and into the battery.

Setup for Fail Over Backup Power:

Use the battery pack to set up a fail over to automatically switch to battery power for a Transcend machine in the event of a power outage. When hooked up in series with the machine and wall power, the battery will charge even when the Transcend machine is in use.

To set up a fail over system:

  1. Plug the Transcend's AC power supply into the wall.
  2. Plug the other end of the Transcend Travel's AC power supply into the optional Transcend Battery pack.
  3. Plug the Battery Pack into the Transcend.


Charge Time Using AC or DC Source with Mobile Power Adapter:

  • Transcend Overnight Battery (Reference Only Product) - Approximately 5 hours
  • Transcend Mulit-Night Battery - Approximately 8 hours


OPTIONAL Solar Charger

Use the sun to charge the Transcend Battery! With the optional Transcend Solar Charger add the versatility of being able to recharge the battery while on the go – camping or hiking. The Portable Solar Charger also preserves CPAP treatment during extended power outages.

Charge Time using the Transcend Portable Solar Charge in optimal conditions and direct sunlight:

  • Transcend Mulit-Night Battery - Approximately 12 hours

The life span of this battery is approximately 300 charging cycles according to the manufacturer.

The Battery Light Indicates the Charge

A light located on the battery changes color to indicate the charge. When the battery is plugged into the power source it turns orange. Orange indicates the battery is in the process of receiving a charge, and it is not at full capacity. Once the light turns green, the battery is fully charged.

FAA Compliant for In-Flight Use

The Transcend Multi-Night Battery is FAA compliant and can be used in-flight. Take it with you when you next take to the skies, and enjoy using therapy while in-flight.

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