SleepWeaver Elan Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP


SKU: 100518

The SleepWeaver élan nasal kit is an easier option for users who do not have a prescription readily available. The headgear is simply removed from the interface and sent in a separate bag but in the same parcel. By removing the headgear from the assembly, this item is able to be sent to the user without a prescription.

Comfort is everything when it comes to using CPAP. The interface or CPAP interface is the most important part of that comfort. So if you're going to sleep with something on your face all night long every night; shouldn't it be more like a material you would wear on the rest of your body? The original SleepWeaver was a huge success and with the release of the SleepWeaver Elan, it has followed in its footsteps!

Circadiance has developed some nice features on the élan. They have designed a swivel tube connection to allow for more freedom of movement. This really makes a big difference for side sleepers. You couple that with their feather lightweight tubing and it makes one good combination. The lightweight tubing acts like a spring that connects to your standard tubing and helps keep the interface in place and not pulling away from your face while your sleeping.

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