Philips Respironics DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask w/ Headgear

Philips Respironics

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Philips Respironics DreamWear Gel Pillow CPAP with Headgear gives patients an exciting new option for their sleep therapy. The DreamWear Gel Pillows utilize the DreamWear’s signature frame design – a hollow silicone construction that routes airflow up to the hose connection port located at the crown of the head. This innovative DreamWear frame assembly is mated to a new gel nasal pillows cushion, which delivers a secure yet comfortable seal. The end result is a nasal pillow that most patients prefer to their previous CPAP mask.

    Features & Benefits:    

    • Accommodate both nasal and gel pillows cushions.  Simple to remove, clean and replace
    • Top-of-head tube connection provides freedom of movement throughout the night
    • Innovative in headgear air flow design allows airflow through the frame to help patients sleep comfortably in any position
    • Switch between nasal and gel pillows to provide different seal and eliminate pressure points
    • No red marks – leaves no marks on the bridge of the of the nose
    • Open field of vision – wear glasses, read and watch TV
    • Soft silicone frame - light, soft and flexible material designed for comfort
    • Gel Pillows for Comfort and Security - DreamWear’s blue gel pillows gently seal at the base of the nostril exterior with only the soft silicone tips resting inside the nostrils. It’s a less invasive feel than more conventional nasal pillows and a big reason why the DreamWear Gel Pillow is preferred by patients.
    • Easy-to-Use Nasal Pillows System -The intuitive DreamWear Gel Pillows design makes life easy for the patient. Assembly is fast and easy, and so is the process for taking the mask on and off.


    • Medium DreamWear frame
    • Standard Headgear
    • Three size cushions: medium, small and large
    • Elbow




    HCPCS Code A7034, A7035 Pressure 4 - 30 cm H2O
    In The Package

    1 x Medium Frame
    1 x Selected Nasal Pillows 

    Fitpack(small, medium and large pillows)
    1 x Headgear (one size)

    1 x Elbow
    1 x Fabric Wraps


    Warranty: 90 days







    RX Required

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