Philips Respironics Deluxe Chin Strap, 302425

Philips Respironics

SKU: 302425

The Respironics chin strap for sleep apnea was developed for CPAP users who open their mouth during sleep. Opening your mouth during sleep apnea therapy can unintentionally lead to air leaks and reduced therapy effectiveness. The Respironics chin strap for sleep apnea aims to keep your mouth closed in order to maintain therapy effectiveness. This deluxe chin strap pairs up perfectly and adds extra stability for those who do not like full face cover.

  • Crosses over the ears and will stay on all night.
  • Wide Strap provides more comfort than Cup Chin Straps.


It is made up of two attached parts:

  • 1 - 3" Wide Strap
  • 1 - 1" Wide Stability Strap


  • Wide Strap: Approximately 3" x 26"
  • Stability Strap (Attached): Approximately 1' x 12"

Instructions for use

  1. Put on your mask and headgear following the instructions.
  2. Close your mouth and place the chin strap under your chin.  The Velcro fastner is on the inside of the chin strap main band.  The anchoring strap is sewn to the outside of the main band and will face toward the back of your head.
  3. Wrap the chins trap around your head and latch the Velcro fastener to the main band.
  4. Wrap the main headband around the back of the head and over the ears.  Wrap the anchoring strap on the main headband to the main chin strap headband.
  5. Position the top of the Chin Strap toward the front of your head to apply the appropriate angle of pressure on your chin.

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