ResMed Zippered Tubing Wrap For 6.0 to 6.5 Foot Hoses


SKU: 33963

Tubing wrap Only not the tubing.

Compatible with all CPAP & BiLevel machines that use standard tubing, ResMed's soft Tubing Wrap padded hose covers help prevent "rain out" by lightly insulating hoses and tubing.

Many CPAP users find that one of the most annoying parts of therapy is the constant presence of the cold, ugly, medical tubing that connects the user's system to the mask. In addition cold hoses and tubing can cause condensation and rain-out disrupting sleep and therapy.

ResMed's soft Tubing Wrap padded fabric CPAP hose covers improve comfort during sleep and help prevent rain-out by lightlly insulating CPAP hoses and tubes. The Tubing Wrap's hidden soft-touch zipper extends along the length of the tube so it is exceptionally secure and easy to put on and take off with no unecessary stretching or sliding. Tubing Wraps are easy to clean and come in stylish Royal Blue so you can hide unsightly medical tubing beneath a comfortable soft fabric cover.

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