ResMed Swift FX Bella Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Gray or Pink


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The Swift FX Bella nasal pillows system features the exclusive Bella loops accessory in place of the headgear, offering an additional user-friendly way to manage a wide range of hairstyles. It maintains the same comfort features of the original Swift FX for Her to offer the quietest and most comfortable therapy experience.

Bella loops: fit comfortably around the ears and stay out of her hair for a more streamlined look and feel

Flexible Pillows with Trampoline Action: accommodate movement in multiple directions while maintaining seal. Pillow sizes for her (XS, S and M) come packaged with mask to fit most female patients

  • Offers alternative option to the traditional Swift FX for Her headgear
  • Allows patients to choose how to wear their mask according to their hairstyle and comfort preferences
  • Creates a more streamlined look and feel
  • Simple to adjust and wear
  • Ultra Quiet. ResMed has designed the mask to push the air away from you during CPAP therapy. This design reduces the sound for you and your partner which allows for you to rest more comfortably and have a sleep that is uninterrupted by noise.

  • Bella Loops and Swift FX Headgear. The loops on the ResMed Swift FX Bella hook around the ear instead of around the back of your head during use. The loops are light weight and rest comfortably on your ears thanks to the silicone design. The Swift FX Bella mask will also rest out of your face during CPAP therapy, so that you can watch TV or read a book during use. The loops are cushioned on the side so that they rest comfortably on your cheeks.

Includes: Extra Small (XS), Small (S) and Medium (M) pillows, Bella loops accessory, Swift FX for Her headgear with pink backstrap and pink soft wrap.




Manufacturer: ResMed
In the package:

Grey Package

      • Frame assembly
      • Small, medium and large pillows
      • Swift FX headgear
      • Swift FX Bella Gray Loops
      • Short Tube

Pink Package

      • Frame assembly
      • Extra Small, small and medium pillows
      • Standard headgear
      • Swift FX headgear
      • Swift FX Bella Pink Loops
      • Short Tube

HCPCS Code: A7034 A7035
UPC: 00619498615681 00619498615605
Pressure level: 4~20cm H2O


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