ResMed Quattro FX Full Face CPAP Mask, Pink


SKU: 62501

Product Description

Quality Stylish Design

The Quattro Air brings the features of the Quattro Air Mask in a smaller design focused on delivering the same exceptional performance. Lightweight Quattro Air full face with dual cushion support, MicroFit Dial for flexible adjustments, and quick release headgear that provides a hassle free experience.

Dual Cushion Support

ResMed provides a dual cushion support frame for the Quatttro that provides a secure comfortable fit that reduces and relieves facial sores and redness associated use. The inner cushion is made from foam while the outer layer is built from silicone providing stable support with exceptional comfort.

MicroFit Dial

Having the right fit is a critical part in selecting the proper interface for your sleep apnea therapy needs. Includes 24 incremental adjustments you can select to personalize your interface to fit your particular needs. The adjustments are easy to make and provide a hassle free experience enabling you to get your interface and go.

Detachable Headgear

Quattro Air full face has detachable headgear clips that provide quick release enabling you to rapidly remove. However the clips retain your adjustments after removal, simplifying the process of putting on and taking off your interface each day. You will be able to spend less time adjusting and more time using it.

Material List :

  • Cushion and Frame: Silicone,  Nylon
  • Elbow: Nylon/Polypropylene/Thermoplastic/Silicone 
  • Headgear: Nylon, Lycra, Polyurethane Foam


  • Dual Cushion Support
  • MicroFit Dial
  • Detachable Headgear
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible Sizing


Size Guard:

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