ResMed Pixi Pediatric CPAP Nasal Mask


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The Pixi pediatric mask is made for the child age 2 and up. Every feature is carefully considered to address and improve therapy comfort, acceptance and overall experience for everyone involved. Confident that their child is being treated effectively, caregivers can be free to focus on emotionally supporting their child on their journey.

The Pixi's open style headgear is designed especially for children as well. Soft Breathe-O-Prene straps are lightly colored and unobtrusive -- sitting back on the face away from the child's eyes and ears -- to reduce irritation and obstruction. Because children may not be able to adjust the fit on their own the Pixi's three headgear straps are designed to be adjusted from an adult's point of view while catering to children of a wide range of ages. Not only can the child see clearly while wearing the mask, but caregivers are also reassured and comforted by being able to see their child's eyes and more of their face.


Cushions for the Pixi Pediatric Nasal CPAP Mask are designed to minimizes pressure on children's soft faces, without compromising seal.


Two tubing positions allow air to be moved to either side of the cushion depending on the child's sleeping position. The tubing is also a Spring-Flex Lightweight tube that stretches and bends easily, so it won't get caught or drag as the child moves around during sleep.


The headgear materials are lightly colored for a more reassuring, unobtrusive appearance on the child's face.


The quick release latch makes it easy to take the mask off while retaining desired headgear settings. The emergency latch releases the latch even faster that the quick release in an emergency, by pulling firmly on the lower headgear strap.


    Manufacturer: ResMed
    In the package:

        • Headgear
        • Frame
        • Cushion
        • Short tubing

    HCPCS Code: A7034/A7035
    UPC: 00619498610303
    Air Pressure: 4~20cmH2O



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