ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP&BiPAP Mask


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ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face is a hybrid version that fuses a nasal pillow mask with a full-face CPAP mask. It has the nasal pillows above the mouth cover and like a full face cpap mask in that it covers both your nose and your mouth, but using nasal pillow cushions.

  • Dual Wall Cushion: To improve the seal over your mouth without sacrificing comfort, ResMed designed the Mirage Liberty CPAP mask with two walls, one on the out edge to reduce or eliminate any leaks, and one on the inner edge to improve comfort while wearing your CPAP mask. Even for the most frequent of fidgets during sleep, the dual walls will allow for your seal to remain intact during use.
  • Nasal Pillows: Increasing comfort and performance, unlike other full face CPAP masks the liberty has nasal pillows instead of a nasal cover. This increases your field of vision while also making the ResMed Liberty less restrictive than its full face counterparts. The Liberty CPAP mask does not have a nasal bridge that other full face CPAP masks have, which can cause irritation for some CPAP therapy users
  • Near SIlent CPAP Mask: The air vents on the ResMed Liberty are a custom design that allows for air to be pushed out and away from the user in a quiet nature, allowing for an uninterrupted nights sleep for both you and your bed partner. CPAP therapy is all about sleeping peacefully, and these air vents are located in areas that will force air out away from your face and your partners face.
  • Lightweight Full Face CPAP Mask: While full face masks tend to be heavier than their nasal and nasal pillow counterparts, thanks to the nasal pillow design of the Liberty this full face mask is extremely lightweight for CPAP users. It also comes with an easily detachable elbow that makes cleaning your mask easier than ever before.


Manufacturer: ResMed
In the package:

      • One selected size cushion with the pillow
      • Elbow
      • Headgear: One size fits all 
      • 2 clips

HCPCS Code: A7034/A7035
UPC: 00619498613007, 00619498613014


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