ResMed Mirage FX Nasal CPAP&BiPAP Mask


SKU: 62103

The ResMed Mirage FX nasal offers the perfect balance of lightweight comfort, premium performance and ease of handling. Built with your convenience in mind, the Mirage FX is made up of only four parts, making it effortless to use, clean and reassemble. The patented dual-wall Spring Air cushion is soft on your face, and the ultra-flexible forehead support reduces contact with your skin making it engineered to deliver maximum comfort while you sleep.

Freedom to move

The quick-release elbow detaches from your CPAP device without the need to remove the cpap, allowing you to freely move in and out of bed as needed.

Freedom to see

The slender, lightweight frame provides an open field of vision.


The SoftEdge headgear is flexible, improving your level of comfort and sense of mask support.

Designed to fit

The Mirage FX Wide offers more frame and cushion width, as well as a shallower cushion and shorter frame length for a more comfortable seal against flatter nasal bridges thus improving fit.


    Manufacturer: ResMed
    In the package:

        • Frame system
        • One select size cushion
        • Headgear

    HCPCS Code: A7030/A7035
    UPC: 00619498621033, 00619498621187, 00619498621095, 00619498621286
    Pressure level: 4~20cm H2O


    Size Guard:

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    Rx required

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