ResMed AirFit N30i Nasal CPAP&BiPAP Mask


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The Resmed AirFit N30i is designed to feel completely natural. With a tube on top of the head, it allows patients to assume any position on the bed and letting them be as close they want to be to their bedmates. The SpringFit frame lets the device  automatically adjust to different facial profiles, providing a broad range of fit. This means you spend less time on patient setup and have the confidence of an accurate fit the event for the first time. Furthermore, This AirFit N30i is available in two frame sizes, which streamlines fitting time and SKU management. Starter packs include three cushion sizes to ensure each patient goes home with the right size cushion and helps reduce callbacks and refits.

Choosing the right frame size:

For male patients, start with the standard frame size. For female patients, start with the small frame size. If you try the standard size first, and the frame sits too close to your ears, size down to the small frame for a better fit. If the frame is too large, try the small size frame for a better fit. If you try the small frame first and the frame sits too close to your patient’s eyes, size up to the standard frame for a better fit. If the frame is too small, try the standard size frame for a more comfortable fit.

Choosing the right cushion size:

Use the provided template and your judgment to determine whether a patient has a narrow or wide nose. If the patient has a narrow nose, place the blue/red side of the template under their nose. If the patient has a wide nose, place the gray/purple side of the template under their nose. If either the width or length of their nose breaches the margins on the template, size up (to medium or wide).


Bring the mask above your patient's head and then down over their face while ensuring the elbow is centered on the top of their head. Place the headgear behind their head and the cushion under their nose. Adjust the headgear until the mask and cushion are comfortable. Disconnect the elbow from the top of the frame and attach it to the air tubing. Reconnect the elbow with the air tubing to the top of the frame.

Size Guard: If you do not know your size, please download the SIZE GUARD at 100% on your printer to determine the appropriate size.


    Manufacturer: ResMed
    In the package:

        • One selected frame
        • Three cushion: small, medium and small-wide
        • Headgear
        • Elbow

    HCPCS Code: A7034/A7035
    UPC: 00619498638000, 00619498638017
    Pressure level: 4~25cm H2O

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