Philips Respironics Premium CPAP ChinStrap

Philips Respironics

SKU: 1012911

Product Description

This Premium Chinstrap is designed to provide the right amount of support to keep your mouth closed during the night, facilitating breathing through the nose. Using a chinstrap is useful if you want to try a nasal or a nasal pillow, and by keeping your mouth closed, you'll be less likely to dry out and be uncomfortable during the night.

  • Vertical Design:
promotes a vertical angle of force on the chin (as opposed to horizontal) in order to reduce the potential of inducing sleep-related events
  • Integrated Chin Cup:
sewn into the strap to provide soft and comfortable support without placing unnecessary tension around the chin
  • Adjustable Support Strap:
attaches to a split section of the chin strap and wraps around the back of the head for the ultimate in stability and adjustability
  • Respironics Logo:
increase recognition and visibility of the product for simplified replacement
  • Machine Wash Instructions:
included in the User Instructions to promote regular cleaning and ease of use


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