Philips EasyLife Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask


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Philips EasyLife Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask

The EasyLife Nasal mask from Philips comes with the patented Auto Seal technology, which nearly eliminates the need for manual mask adjustments , instantly adding a layer of comfort to your usage . The lightweight and innovative design features an unique dual-cushion construction , thus creating an instant self-adjusting seal through the inner cushion while the outer cushion aims at providing you a comfortable support . The small yet necessary manual step you need to take is the intuitive headgear adjustment , which makes fitting as easy as possible .

Dual Cushion Design

Hard thoughts on whether the mask fits on a wide variety of patients is one field you don't have to worry now , all thanks to the unique dual-cushion design and AutoSeal technology .The need for nose bridge and forehead pad adjustments and spending time on them is minimised , as the soft inner cushion readily adapts to your facial contours and instantly creates a self-adjusting seal . Elimination of the need to over-tighten the headgear to achieve a suitable seal is looked after by the outer fusion which works on providing support and let's the mask rest lightly on the patient's face .Added to all of this , The headgear features headgear stops for easier fitting and adjustment, which helps you get a true first-time fit and fewer callbacks due to sealing issues.

Comfortable, Quiet and Lightweight

The most remarkable part of this revolutionary design is that besides providing a premium seal , it constantly looks after user comfort being a quiet and lightweight one . And with a grand total of just four parts (frame, headgear, outer support cushion, and inner seal cushion), it couldn’t be simpler for patients to care for. Performance, comfort, and ease of use, you get it all , adding up to the increased compliance.



The patented Auto Seal technology aids in the self adjustment or the mask , thus guaranteeing an effective and comfortable fit for any patient successfully . This simple step is in accordance with the motto of developing EasyLife - to make fitting patients practically automatic .

Latex Free: Just like all Philips mask and headgear, this item is also Latex-Free.

Parts in package: One headgear, One Frame, One size cushion and 2 clips


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