Philips Respironics DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask with headgear

Philips Respironics

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The Philips DreamWisp CPAP - Fit Pack will give you comfort you have never experienced before. It comes with a medium frame connector along with cushions in three sizes: small, medium and large that can easily adapt to almost any face shape. The DreamWisp takes your personal comfort seriously, so that you can enjoy any sleeping position— even on your side and your stomach.

The top-of-head hose connection is on a 360-degree swivel, that provides greater flexibility for active sleepers, without disrupting the seal. It also eliminates most of the bulk from the front of the face, providing a wide open field of vision. You can comfortably engage in most of your favorite bedtime activities, like reading, watching TV, or using electronics.

  • Frame connector: The DreamWisp is available with a medium sized frame connector to provide you with utmost comfort. It stays in position even when you twist and turn while in bed.
  • Cushions in three sizes: Available in three different sized cushions the DreamWisp Cpap mask comes with a small, a medium and a large one. You can choose your size for maximum productivity.
  • Top-of-head hose connection: The hose connection in the DreamWisp is positioned on the top of the head that provides maximum flexibility to the product. A 360 degree swivel is what the hose rests upon allowing active sleepers to assume any position they want to while sleeping. This design also eliminates any bulk from the front of the face giving an open scope of vision.


Manufacturer: Philips Respironics
In the package:

      • One Medium Frame
      • One select size cushion (FitPack: small, medium and large cushions )
      • Headgear
      • Elbow
      • 2 soft wraps

HCPCS Code: A7034/A7035
UPC: 00606959050976, 00606959051058, 00606959051065,  00606959051072, 00606959051089, 00606959051096
Pressure level: 4~30cm H2O



    Warranty: 90 days


    RX Required

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