Nasal Pillow for Fisher & Paykel Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP

Fisher & Paykel

SKU: 400HC125

The Fisher & Paykel Pilairo Q uses a one size fits all nasal pillow cushion to provide a seal around the nostrils to deliver air from your CPAP machine. This pillow cushion seal should be wiped down daily to remove dirt and facial oils that can break down the integrity of your item seal.

This is a replacement pillow for the Fisher & Paykel Pilairo Q nasal pillow CPAP. The AirPillow seal has a 3D technology in which the silicone seal has variable levels of thickness. The silicone (VTS) has a micro-fine membrane that self inflates with elevated efficiency, comfort, and durability. The self-inflation of the AirPillow silicone seal is activated by the CPAP flow and self adjust to the nose. As the air fills up from the thicker part of the silicone to the thinner part is forms to your face for a soft gentle seal.

Have you ever experienced sore nostrils from a nasal pillow mask? If you have then you are probably over tightening your item. With the Pilairo, because of the self-inflating silicone surrounding the air pillow and the stretch-wise headgear, it is very hard to over tighten. You will find from the first time you put the Pilairo on a gentler seal than you have ever experienced.

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