Go Overnight Battery Pack For Respironics DreamStation Go Machine

Philips Respironics

SKU: 1133281

DreamStation Go CPAP Battery Pack

For many sleep apnea patients, traveling off the power grid can create hectic problems with maintaining a consistent therapy schedule. Now, Philips Respironics developed the DreamStation Go overnight battery and our extraordinary prices make it worth every penny! 

If you plan on traveling off the power grid, camping, flights, abroad, etc., DreamStation Go’s overnight battery can help you stay committed to your therapy. The overnight battery ensures you continue therapy when away from home or a power outlet. Dreamstation Go set at 10cm of pressure displayed an average run time of 13* hours when running off the Dreamstation Go overnight battery.

Meets FAA requirements (90W lithium ion battery pack). 

*Note: Battery lifespan may vary due to higher CPAP pressure settings, excessive air leakage, altitude, temperature, charging devices with USB port and others.


Brand/Manufacturer: Phillips Respironics
Warranty:1 year
Prescription Required:No
Charge Current:110-220 volt
Chemistry:Lithium Ion
Output Current:50W
Output Voltage:18-24.6 VDC
Recharge Time:5 hours

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