Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

Fisher & Paykel

SKU: 400470A

Fisher and Paykel designed the Forma with your comfort in mind. The Forma full face mask is built with an inner foam cushion that contours around your face for a secure and comfortable fit. The outer seal of the Forma Full Face CPAP Mask is silicone, allowing for a leak resistant surface, while the headgear comes with forehead support and two straps. One strap wraps around your forehead, and the other tucks under your ears. The two straps attach in the back for a secure fit, ensuring that you're able to toss and turn without loosening the mask.

  • FlexiFoam Active-Contouring Cushion - The Forma mask includes this new innovation from Fisher & Paykel. Greater comfort using a soft, lightweight and supportive foam that easily contours to many face shapes
  • Advanced Air Diffuser - This maintenance free diffuser system prevents air from blowing onto your sleeping partner and decreases noise that could disrupt your sleep.
  • Frosted Silicone Seal - A soft and smooth feeling sealing cushion on the Fisher & Paykel Forma also incorporates a frosted texture to optimize your seal
  • T-Piece Mask Base - This new feature on the Forma provides added stability and complements the provern Under-Chin design


Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
In the package:

      • Frame system
      • One select size cushion
      • Headgear

HCPCS Code: A7030/A7035
UPC: 09420012421777, 09420012421814,09420012421890
Weight: 8oz

Pressure level: 4~25cm H2O

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