Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit HC407A Nasal CPAP & BiPAP with Headgear

Fisher & Paykel


The Fisher and Paykel FlexiFit is an up and coming design of nasal Cpap. What makes the HC407 stand out from its predecessor HC405 is the completely new  diffuser design and the  new Stretchgear headgear. This product will give you comfort while you’re in therapy making it the easiest and smoothest therapy of your life. Give it a try and feel the difference for yourself!

  • Out of Box Solution. All Fisher & Paykel come fully assembled and ready to wear so there is no room for your fumbling or confusion , aiding to the simplicity in usage .
  • FlexiFit Cushion. Thoughts about size and fit regarding various face shapes ? One standard size has been redesigned by us to mold to a variety of nose and bridge shapes, thus pushing away your worries about the fit . The unique inner foam cushion provides a secure seal to the mask .
  • Frosted Silicone Seal. A frosted texture helps the outer silicone cushion seal against the skin.
  • Glider Strap Anti-Leak System. Turning around in sleep became a whole lot easier now , given the strap now connects the headgear to the frame for added stability , and also slides across the frame when the head is turned so that the pressure of the seal remains uniform regardless of the sleeping position.
  • Bias Diffuser. Say goodbye to filters now as   the HC407 exhalation vent has been  redesigned from one opening with a boring old  filter, to a series of several small holes that reduce noise and soften the release of the air.
  • Stretch Gear Headgear. The new design has an elastic section in the back of the headgear that keeps the seal stable when moving the head up and down, as when moving from sleeping on the back to the side.
  • Latex Free Headgear. The headgear of the FlexiFit HC407 Nasal is latex free, as are all other headgear by Fisher & Paykel.



Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
In the package:

      • Frame system
      • Cushion: one size fits most
      • Headgear

HCPCS Code: A7034/A7035
UPC: 09420012427632
Pressure level: 4~25cm H2O




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