Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Nasal CPAP & BiPAP with Headgear

Fisher & Paykel


Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Nasal Cpap with Headgear provides patients confidence at every step. It is designed to meet the needs of users and sleep professionals alike at all important milestones in the CPAP therapy journey. This item features intuitive headgear which provides fitting options for patients, including the ability to stretch the Eson 2 directly over the head, along with RollFitSeal that rolls back and forth, relieving pressure on the bridge of the nose. It now comes in one-piece and washable diffuser with improved clip ergonomics.

Intuitive headgear

The Intuitive headgear makes this product a user friendly one. It’s minimalist design enables this feature for a smooth experience.

Easy frame

The easy frame of the Eson 2 makes it easier to assemble. Use this product and forget all the hassles of traditional Cpaps.

VisiBlue highlights

 Blue highlights incorporated into key components of the Eson 2 makes it easier to identify each component. Hence the process of reassembly is made easier.

RollFit seal

Larger seal alignment key on the product gives a supreme leak proof experience. Along with this a more compact seal experience is meant to make your therapy a smooth one.

Washable diffuser

The diffuser that comes with this product is now washable!

- The F&P Eson 2 Nasal is intended to be used by individuals who have been diagnosed by a physician as requiring CPAP or Bi-Level therapy
- The F&P Eson 2 Nasal is intended for single patient adult (= 66 lb (30 kg) use in the home and for multiple patient adult uses in the hospital or other clinical settings where proper disinfection of the device can occur between patient uses.


    Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
    In the package:

        • Frame system
        • One select size cushion (FitPack: small, medium and large cushions)
        • Headgear
        • clips

    HCPCS Code: A7034/A7035
    UPC: 09420012431714, 09420012431721, 09420012431738, 09420012455673
    Pressure level: 4~30cm H2O
    Weight: 1.83oz
    Frame Dimension: 4x2.44x0.50inches

    Size Guard: If you do not know your size, please download the SIZE GUARD at 100% on your printer to determine the appropriate size. 





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