CPAP & BiPAP Tube Brush, Stainless


SKU: HXTB10065

This is a stainless tube brush for cleaning the interior of your CPAP/BiPAP tubes. These tubes leave moisture after use, and if left untreated, this can turn into mold or mildew. The tube brush, which comes in four different sizes, can be used to clean the insides of most standard tubes.

Clean Your Tubes

If you've ever struggled to clean the interior of your CPAP tube, the stainless brush offers you an easy solution to ensure that your equipment is clean when you use it each night. The brush helps to clean the hard to reach spots in your tubes: debris and moisture can fester inside of tubes, and if left untreated, you can compromise the quality of your therapy. The tube brush reaches deep inside the tube, ensuring that your therapy is optimal and hygenic.

Three Sizes

The tube brush comes in three different sizes:

  • Standard: 22mm diameter
  • Slim: 15mm diameter (for slimline tubing)

For those users who have the ClimateLine or SlimLine tube from ResMed you will opt for the 15mm SlimLine Tube brush.

Nylon Bristles

The tube features soft nylon bristles on one end. The bristles are 22/15 mm long and will not damage any tubular device.

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