CareFusion PureSom Ruby Breathe-O-Prene CPAP & BiPAP Chin Strap



Reliable, Sturdy Chin Strap for a Secure Chin during CPAP Therapy

This Ruby adjustable chinstrap from PURESOM was designed to hold your chin in place securely, and comfortably, during CPAP therapy reducing or eliminating the opening of your mouth during sleep, which can result in a dry mouth or a dry nasal area in the morning. The Puresom Ruby adjustable chin strap comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large, that are non-adjustable, providing a secure hold in place throughout the night. You can also find adjustable chin straps that come in standard and extra-large sizes if you need a more custom fit.

Product Features

  • Three different sizes - Small, medium and large
  • Secure - Provides a secure fit throughout the night keeping your mouth closed during CPAP therapy
  • Comfort - Breathable neoprene material that reduces pressure on the skin
  • All of the PURESOM Chin Straps are washable and will dry fairly quickly, but never wash them in your clothes washer or dry them in the dryer. While there are expensive neoprene cleaning materials available, they are usually not needed. You should hand wash your chin strap in warm water with a mild detergent or baby shampoo. Because you wear your chin strap nightly it will most definitely have sweat and other materials on it, so washing daily is recommended, and it only takes a few minutes.

To measure, start at the top of your head and around your chin, then back up to the top of your head.

  • Small = 23" - 25"  (Smaller than 23" is not recommended for this chin strap)
  • Medium = 25" to 27"
  • Large = 27" to 29"  (Greater than 29" is not recommended for this chin strap)

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