APEX Medical Wizard 310 Nasal CPAP & BiPAP with Headgear

APEX Medical

SKU: SM07003

APEX Medical Wizard 310 Nasal CPAP & BiPAP with Headgear

Product Descption

  • Contour fitting delivers better facial pressure redistribution
  • The flexible frame without a forehead pad provides further comfort
  • The snap on cushion allows instant assembly and easy cleaning
  • Special air guiding vents create a silent sleep environment by minimizing undesired airflow noise
  • The WiZARD 310 has a flexible frame material and contour design that brings further comfort and to help you sleep through the night

Product Feature

  • Soft Forehead Support: Reduces the chance of losing the forehead pad and the nuisance of assembly and cleaning
  • Quick Snap-on Design: The easy snap-on cushion design makes quick replacement possible
  • Contour Fitting Design: The ergonomic cushion with multiple-pressure-redistribution design provides better facial support to each individual
  • Advanced Air Guiding Vent: Redirects the exhalation flow to prevent air from blowing onto the sleeping partner
  • Flexible Frame: The flexible and lightweight frame offers better fitting and great seal
  • Breathable and Durable Headgear: Ensures a comfortable and effective OSA treatment
  • Soft Connection Tubing: Offers better flexibility for freedom of movement during sleep
  • Quick Release Tubing: An easy one step removal design for convenient tubing connection
  • Headgear Clip: One buckle operation for simple fitting









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