APEX Medical WiZARD 220 Full Face CPAP & BiPAP Mask

APEX Medical

SKU: SM02011

Product Description

The WiZARD 220 Full Face mask with Headgear by APEX Medical is a well-constructed and smartly designed CPAP allowing patients to receive quality results minus the significant discomfort. This Apex full face is easy to fit, maintain and disassemble, all while providing excellent therapy with no accompaniment of hassle or headache.

Quick Release Headgear

One of the more useful features is the headgear. The WiZARD headgear is equipped with special quick release clips enabling the headgear to be removed from the item frame in a very fast and simple manner. Furthermore, the quick release clips will not disturb your unique fit so you will not have to constantly readjust and refit your item.

Superior Cushion Design

Boasting a soft, silicone-based cushion designed to not only add comfort but also create a maximally secure and effective seal. This silicone cushion will conform to the specific facial structure of each individual patient and provide a pleasant fit which does not lead to pressure marks or blemishes.

Sizing and Compatibility

Coming in three different sizes - small, medium and large allows patients to more thoroughly customize and personalize their therapy experience. It is a highly versatile item in that it is able to function with virtually any CPAP machine and any tubing system.


  • Highly versatile - works with any CPAP machine and tubing system
  • Includes automatic safety valve for emergencies
  • Comes in three sizes - small, medium and large
  • Distributes pressure evenly across face
  • Simple to fit and disassemble
  • Quick release headgear clips
  • Forehead pad adds stability
  • Soft silicone-based cushion
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight



Manufacturer: APEX Medical
In the package:

      • Frame system
      • One select size cushion
      • Headgear with clips
      • Forehead pad

HCPCS Code: A7031
UPC: 04713025000578, 04713025000554, 04713025000561,  04713025000738
Pressure level: 4~30cm H2O

Size Guard: If you do not know your size, please download the SIZE GUARD at 100% on your printer to determine the appropriate size.






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